Gifted and Talented International 31(2) Shipped

Gifted and Talented InternationalVolume 31, Number 2 of Gifted and Talented International has shipped. Members have access to this issue by clicking here. Contents include:

  • Elementary students’ perceptions of their classroom activities in China: A validation study – Yang Yang, Marcia Gentry, Jiaxi Wu, Enyi Jen & Yukiko Maeda
  • Self-concept changes in multiple self-concept domains of gifted students participating in a summer residential school – Franzis Preckel, Hannah Rach & Vsevolod Scherrer
  • Turkish adaptation of the educational-learning capital questionnaire: Results for gifted and non-gifted students – Marilena Z. Leana-Taşcılar
  • Alignment of a high-ranked PISA mathematics curriculum and the Parallel Curriculum for gifted students: Is a high PISA Mathematics ranking indicative of curricular suitability for gifted learners? – Julie Anne Irving, Ernestina Oppong & Bruce M. Shore


Are you interested in submitting a manuscript to GTI? Click here for more information about submitting.

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