In conjunction with the WCGTC biennial conference, the Executive Committee of the World Council presents awards in four different areas of recognition: research, creativity, leadership, and distinguished service. Applications for these awards are submitted to Headquarters, and the Awards and Scholarship Committee, with the approval of the Executive Committee, assumes the responsibility for selecting the recipients.

Announcements shall be made in the World Gifted newsletter and on the website a year before the World Conference for submission of nominations. Nominations for awards may be submitted only by a current, paid-up World Council member.

International Creativity Award

The recipient must have international recognition in the field of creativity and must have made significant contributions to promoting creativity in education.

  • 1995 – M. K. Raina
  • 1997 – Arthus Cropley
  • 1999 – Morris Stein
  • 2003 – E. Paul Torrance
  • 2005 – Donald J. Treffinger
  • 2009 – Ken McCluskey
  • 2013 – Peter Csermely and Todd Lubart
  • 2015 – Klaus K. Urban
  • 2017 – Jane Piirto

International Award for Research

The recipient must have international recognition in gifted education and made significant contributions through research in establishing gifted education as a recognized field of study in education, in extending the knowledge base of gifted education, and in improving the practice of gifted education.

  • 1997 – John Feldhusen
  • 2013 – Sally M. Reis and Nicholas Colangelo
  • 2015 – C. June Maker
  • 2017 – Bruce Shore

A. Harry Passow International Award for Leadership in Gifted Education

The recipient must have international stature as a leader in gifted education—one whose life and work have significantly influenced policy and practices in gifted education or one who has made other outstanding contributions in promoting the cause of gifted education worldwide.

  • 1997 – E. Paul Torrance
  • 1999 – John Feldhusen
  • 2005 – Joseph Renzulli
  • 2007 – James J. Gallagher
  • 2011 – Dorothy Sisk
  • 2013 – Taisir Subhi Yamin
  • 2017 – Eunice Alencar

World Council Distinguished Service Award

The recipient must have made an outstanding contribution to gifted education as reflected in service to the WCGTC and in the furtherance of its purposes over a period of ten years or more.

  • 1997 – James J. Gallagher
  • 1999 – Wu-Tien Wu
  • 2003 – Barbara Clark
  • 2005 – Klaus K. Urban
  • 2009 – Edna McMillan
  • 2011 – Edna McMillan
  • 2013 – Joyce VanTassel-Baska
  • 2015 – Ken McCluskey

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