Affiliate Application

Any organization or federation seeking Affiliate status should complete the application form below. Applications are reviewed by the Executive Committee for approval. Affiliate membership is $250 USD per year for non-profits and $350 USD per year for for-profit organizations. In addition to the regular member benefits, Affiliate benefits include free listing on the WCGTC website, reduced advertising rates in the World Gifted newsletter and Gifted and Talented International (GTI) journal, reduced rate booth at the World Conference to promote your organization, and endorsement of any conferences you sponsor and use of the WWCGTC name and logo for advertising purposes. (Note: The use of the name and logo of the WCGTC for advertising purposes requires a written request to headquarters and approval by the Executive Committee.)

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  • Your application will be reviewed by the WCGTC Executive Committee. You will be notified whether your application is approved or declined. If your application is approved, you will be asked to submit your $250 USD annual membership dues. Your approval is valid in succeeding years as well.