World Gifted Newsletter Volume 36, Issue 1 Cover

World Gifted Newsletter

World Gifted has been the official bulletin of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children since 1979. It has had various editors over the years. For information regarding the editors, please see the list below as well as their years of service. Click here to see the complete newsletter archives.

  • 1975-1979
  • 1979
    Milton Gold, Editor
  • 1980
    Dorothy Sisk, Editor
  • 1981-1984
    Milton Gold, Editor
  • 1985-1989
    Hilda Rosselli, Editor
  • 1990-1992
  • 1993-1995
    John Feldhusen, Editor
  • 1996-1997
  • 1998
    Barbara Clark, Editor
    Sheila Madsen, Editor
    Sally Todd, Guest Editor
  • 1999-2000
    Barbara Clark, Editor
    Sheila Madsen, Editor
  • 2001-2004
    Barbara Clark, Editor
  • 2005-2007
    Lisa McLean, Editor
    Janice Leroux, Guest Editor [Summer 2006]
    Cathrine Froese Klassen, Editor [November 2007]
  • 2008-2010 Cathrine Froese Klassen
  • 2011-2014
    Tracy Harkins, Editor
  • 2015-Present
    Tyler Clark, Editor
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