Changes to Bylaws Approved – January 2018

Voting for the proposed changes to the Bylaws was open from January 8 until January 19. The Executive Committee is pleased to inform you that the proposed changes to the Bylaws have been approved. Of the votes cast, 95% selected “I approve all of the proposed changes to the Bylaws” and the remainder selected “I approve some of the proposed changes to the Bylaws and will indicate below which changes I do not approve.” Two of the responses indicated they believed Section 7.7c regarding Executive Committee member participation in e-meetings was too strict. One person suggested Section 7.3 be changed from 5 years to 3 years. Lastly, a question arose regarding Section 5.2 and PhD students. It should be noted that the change to this section does not exclude PhD students from being student members of the organization. Rather, this change expands the existing student membership to also include undergraduate students who were not previously included in this membership level.

You can review the updated version by clicking here. Thank you for taking time to review the proposed changes and place your vote.

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