The Winner Twins

The Winner Twins, Brittany and Brianna, became America’s youngest multiple-award-winning authors when, at the age of 12, their first novel, entitled The Strand Prophecy, gained national awards and recognition. The Winner Twins are singer-song writers, having released their first album of original music at the age of 12. In addition, they are CEO and CFO of their nonprofit company—Motivate 2 Learn—and motivational speakers.

An emergency “C” section, at 26 weeks, brought identical twins, Brittany and Brianna Winner, into the world. Within days, their weight dropped to under three pounds each. Helplessly, their parents watched them through the clear incubators in the neonatal intensive-care unit. Tiny fingers clung to life, fighting for a chance to be a part of the world. Slowly, they gained strength, and after months of improvements and difficulties, they were finally released from the hospital.
Their early years were consumed with hospital stays and health issues resulting from their premature birth. The twins approached each health challenge as something simply to overcome, never allowing their physical limitations to stop them from experiencing life.

Their gifts in storytelling, art, and music began to emerge when Brittany, at age six, began selling her art to local businesses, and as Brianna, at age seven, performed a cappella in front of audiences as large as 30,000. At the same time, they were told that they were destined to live a life limited by learning disabilities. As before, the Winner Twins saw this as a challenge, not a limitation… something that simply needed to be overcome.

At the end of fourth grade, with college-level comprehension, vocabularies, and verbal acuity, the twins were diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, diminished visual acuity and tracking, and more. Defying the odds, they undertook what appeared to be an impossible task: writing a full-length novel. The Winner Twins utilized special software that converted speech to text and, in the nine months that followed, completed an 80,000-word novel and were recognized as child prodigies.

The novel, entitled The Strand Prophecy, was the first of a six-book series. It soon gained national recognition as a best seller and won numerous awards, including Best Young Adult Fiction and Best New Author. The book became part of a national Accelerated Reader program in 65,000 schools across America and was stocked in all Barnes and Noble bookstores nationwide. When the first check from the sales of their books came in, the Winner Twins were asked what they wanted to do with the money. They responded by saying that they wanted to help kids, and the best way to do that was to tell them their story, to promote reading, writing, overcoming obstacles, and believing in your dreams. “Our philosophy is to focus on your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses,” Brianna says. “When you focus on your strengths, you gain confidence and the perspective that helps you conquer your weaknesses,” continued her sister Brittany.

The “If You Can Dream It… You Can Write It!” tour was born and presented to schools at no charge. The demand was overwhelming and the twins were placed on independent study in order to facilitate the tour schedule. While touring, the twins completed and published the second novel in the Strand series, entitled Extinctions Embrace, released an album of original music, opened a nonprofit company Motivate 2 Learn as CEO and CFO, and were seen and heard nationally on numerous television and radio shows.

Over the course of 15 months, they presented their motivational message to over 70,000 students. The twins expanded their influence globally via video teleconferencing, speaking to audiences and students around the world.

As the Winner Twins graduate from Junior High School, they are writing the screenplay for their first book in the Strand series and opening a film production company to make the script into a major motion picture. They also have several television projects and two additional book series in process.

When the twins are home, they love to cook, garden, watch movies, read, and take care of their two goats, two dogs, and their bird named Princess.
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